You Can Have A Whiter Smile Easily

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When it comes to getting whiter teeth, many people are not well educated. When it comes to knowing how to get your teeth the whitest they can possibly be, you need to make sure you’re properly informed. If you keep informed, you’ll see results quickly. Use this article to get started.

If you experience sensitivity when using a teeth whitening strip that has to be adhered for several hours, try a brand that only needs to be applied for less than an hour. This new product might require you to use for a few additional weeks, but the health of your gums is more important.

This is usually much safer than other teeth whitening products in the market. Swish the mixture around your mouth while you shower, but don’t swallow any of it! Do this between one and two times every week.

Do not drink wine or coffee, and quit smoking! These products contain chemicals that stain your teeth by bonding to them. If you just can’t kick the habit of these, make sure that you brush your teeth immediately after consuming them. If you do not want to carry a toothbrush with you at all times, many companies now make a variety of miniature finger brushes that are very portable. The abrasiveness in these brushes are what will clean your teeth.

If you drink dark wine, coffee, soda or tea, try alternating your consumption with sips of water. These drinks can cause staining quickly, particularly if you consume them regularly. Drinking water afterward will help you keep your mouth as clean as possible. You can prevent stains as well by brushing your teeth after drinking these liquids.

If you have any untreated cavities or gum disease, you should see your dentist prior to beginning any teeth-whitening regimen. You will need to be extra careful with the whitening process. Ask your dentist for advice if you have these issues; the dentist can let you know if and how it is best to proceed.

Keep a toothbrush on hand so you can brush after eating sticky or sugary snacks. There are many foods that will stain your teeth; however, the ones containing sugar are the ones that stain the worse. After you have eaten your snack, brush your teeth for a short amount of time. Toothpaste is not needed if you thoroughly scrub your teeth and then rinse well with water.

Use baking soda to brush your teeth instead of regular toothpaste. This is a popular home remedy. Baking soda acts as a mild detergent for the teeth. When using baking soda to whiten your teeth, brush gently to avoid irritating your gums.

If you want to prevent tooth discoloration, it is a good practice to brush your teeth after each meal. Many foods and drinks have staining properties, and cleaning your teeth right away will keep the stain from setting. Coffee is at the top of this list.

If you want whiter teeth, take a tip from beauty pageants and try using vaseline on your teeth. It will not taste great, but it will create a barrier that can protect your teeth from stains for a few hours.

A good thing to use are pens that whiten your teeth. You should take care when using a tooth whitening pen as the gel is a form of bleach. If you use this gel more than you are supposed to, you could damage your teeth.

Consider rubbing the pith of an orange against your teeth to remove discoloration and whiten teeth. You can also mix dried orange peels and ground bay leaves to make a paste for your teeth. Make sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwords to remove the fruit sugar.

Try buying whitening gels to get whiter teeth. You can find these gels at drug stores and they are cheaper than getting your teeth whitened by a dentist. If you have major problems with the color of your teeth, consulting a dentist may be your only option.

You may experience irritation to your gums with some whitening products. If this does occur, try a product next time that has less peroxide in it. It usually takes a few days, but these side effects will diminish.

Talk to your dentist about tooth whitening prior to buying products from the store to use on your teeth. Your dentist can give you the best information about what to do and let you know of any side effects different ways of whitening might have.

Now that you have some new strategies for how you’re going to whiten your teeth you should already start feeling positive. Remember that all that you learned here isn’t everything there is to know about how to whiten your teeth, so try your best to always seek new knowledge and to apply it whenever possible.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and must not be taken as personal medical advice. Consult your medical practitioner for individual advice.

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